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BOOM. Toonami is proud to announce our next acquisition, BLACK LAGOON! It’s time for some truly ADULT action to hit the block. BLACK LAGOON will begin airing on Saturday, March 22nd, replacing SOUL EATER, which will air its final episode the week before. For more info on the Black Lagoon, go here:

And of course, we’ll see you on March 22nd, when the ass kicking begins!


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Link: Government Kills Net Neutrality, We All Pay the Price (Share this Info)

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I’ve been meaning to write this for a while.

*sigh* the fact that it’s those type of people that say it grates on my nerves I mean like seriously we are just the same as you we wake, go to school/work,eat, take a shit and go to bed, just because people out there have disabilities ( I for one have one which is Autism) does not mean i’m an a inferior human being *sigh*  

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I don’t really think that there’s a place in this world for me… 

Why do you feel that way girl ?

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"YOU LISTEN! Life comes at you fast, just like a raging current. I don’t fight it. Going against the flow just means you’re swimming in place. One day you’re too tired to paddle and suddenly you DROWN. The whole thing was pointless and now you’re DEAD. The end. Now going with the flow is where it’s at. And that’s the Dandy way to live.” 

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